Our Solution

Bio-Lert is designed to enable seizure patients to live their life to the fullest. A smart watch based solution that seamlessly integrates into off-the-shelf smart watches. Clinically trial proven with registered patents in the US and China with others pending.

Our Mission

Deliver a game changing solution that enhances a life characterized by self-confidence and independence of seizure patients. Ultimately enable seizure patients to regain their quality of life back.

Not knowing when the next attack will occur, the anxiety associated with the unpredictable nature of seizures results in a lower quality of life - for both the seizure sufferer as well as their caretakers

Biolert's patented and proven technology allows people suffering from seizure a new degree of freedom, enhancing their independence and self-confidence knowing that wherever they are when an severe nervous system event occurs, anyone they choose can be notified of the event.

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