For Events Associated with Tonic-Clonic Seizures

BioLert is a ground-breaking app that uses motion and heart rate, tracked on compatible smartwatches, to monitor for, detect and track events that are associated with tonic-clonic seizures, and send alerts to caregivers or physicians. Learn more about how BioLert allows you to:

the signs or symptoms typically associated with epilepsy or seizure disorders.


Living with epilepsy and the constant worry about where and when the next seizure will occur is a challenge, but medical technology is here to help. The BioLert seizure monitor app uses an innovative system to continuously track the vital signs of people with seizure disorders and notify caregivers when a seizure-like event occurs.

Caring for someone with a seizure disorder means you’re probably very familiar with the signals they exhibit when a seizure is beginning...but what about when you’re in another room, running an errand, or sleeping? BioLert’s app works like a dedicated seizure detection device that assists you in your responsibilities as a caregiver by detecting the signs of a seizure and notifying you within seconds.



You can’t control when a seizure hits but you can determine who comes to your side when it does. The BioLert seizure alarm system senses when you have a seizure event, quickly sending an alert to caregivers that you have selected. The BioLert seizure alarm for epilepsy and other seizure disorders helps you feel confident as you go about your day, knowing that your support group is only a notification away.

The last thing you want to worry about when experiencing the signs of an incoming seizure are remembering the details of the event...and yet sometimes those details are vital and, when given to your doctor, can help improve your treatment. However, the responsibility of recording the data and sending it to your neurologist doesn’t need to fall on your shoulders.