“Caregivers” can mean parents, siblings, nurses, social workers, doctors. Anyone who is concerned about or responsible for the well-being of a person living with a seizure disorder. For you, we intend to provide some assistance with managing your responsibilities every day.


BioLert automatically and continuously tracks vital signs as well as when and how long a seizure occurs. This data is easily accessible via the cloud and can help you determine when someone is more susceptible to episodes as well as how to modify their care.


BioLert is a software app accessed as a monthly service. It’s designed to work with off-the-shelf smartphones and smartwatches. It does not require a cost-prohibitive device that only serves one purpose.


BioLert notifies you in real-time that someone has had a seizure as well as where they are. You can trust that should that person fall, get injured or become unconscious, you can help them. This may mean the difference between having to be at someone’s side every moment versus being able to conduct some independent activities.


BioLert monitors one or many individuals from a single account, giving caregivers a simple way to track the health of any and all people under their care.