Some frequently asked questions about the BioLert app and service

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What does BioLert do?

BioLert conducts four main functions:

  • Monitor: continuously monitors vital signs
  • Detect: analyzes vital signs to determine if a seizure-like event occurs
  • Notify: alerts caregivers in real-time that event occurred and provides person's location
  • Record: stores all tracked data and event info in the cloud (including audio/video recordings of events if watch is capable)

What does BioLert monitor?

Vital signs monitored by BioLert include:

  • Physical vibrations (from the watch-wearing wrist)
  • Body motion (ex: jerking motions through hand movement)
  • Body stability (ex: falling)
  • Heart rate (when an event is detected)

What does BioLert detect?

BioLert is designed to detect any type of seizure-like event, per deviations in the above listed vital signs.

How does BioLert detect seizure-like events?

BioLert relies on a patented, intelligent algorithm to detect an event. That algorithm analyzes the continuously tracked vital signs. When one or more of those vital signs deviate dramatically from a baseline norm, the system determines whether it is a seizure-like event. If so, notifications will be sent to caregivers.

If the event is not a seizure, simply log the event as a false positive with one touch on the phone or watch.

Does BioLert predict seizures?

As of today, BioLert does not predict seizures. BioLert detects and alerts people of seizure-like events.

If an event occurs, does BioLert track the time and date?


How do I store and access my logged data?

All monitored vital signs and event-related data are automatically stored in the Cloud. Your history log can be accessed through the BioLert portal. Assigned caregivers can also access your log. This can be invaluable to medical professionals as they may, for the first time, have access to an accurate, detailed and continuous log of your personal information. Your log may help them identify patterns or indicators that can help with your treatment.

Does BioLert notify caregivers of my physical location?

BioLert does notify caregivers of a person's general location. BioLert’s location feature relies on GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity as required by Android location services for indoors and outdoors. (Your phone must be Internet-enabled.)

Does BioLert indicate where I am in a building?

BioLert does not use indoor positioning technology at this time. For example, BioLert will report that you are at a specific GPS location (a house), but not what room you are in.

What device(s) do I need to run BioLert?

BioLert is a software app currently available in the Google play store. You will need a smartphone and a smartwatch to operate the system. As of today, BioLert is compatible with:

  • Phones operating Android (OS v4.4.2 or later)
  • Moto 360 watch (2nd generation)
We continue to develop the app for other OSes and devices, and will post that info to the site when available. Alternatively, you can sign up for our newsletter.

Do my caregiveres need an Android smartphone, too?

No. The caregivers can receive notifications via any combination of the following methods: Email, Phone Call, SMS Text. If a caregiver is to receive notification by Phone Call to a mobile number or by SMS Text, any cell phone or smartphone will work.

Do my caregiveres have to register a mobile phone number to receive Phone Call notifications?

No. A landline telephone number will work.

How does BioLert affect my watch's battery life?

Extending battery life is an issue successfully targeted by our mobile technology experts. Today, BioLert can deliver 12-15 hours of service before needing to recharge the watch. Of course, this varies depending on whether other apps on the watch are frequently used.

BioLert will notify you when the battery is running low as a reminder to recharge soon.

How much does BioLert cost?

BioLert is available for $19.99 a month. We are currently running a promotion offering the first month free. You can access that deal by registering through our website:

One subscription supports multiple caregivers and patients.

What regions are supported by BioLert?

BioLert is available worldwide.