Frequently Asked Questions

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What does BioLert do?

BioLert conducts four main functions:

- Monitor: Continuously monitors vital signs, physical stability, and physical steadiness
- Detect: Identifies when a seizure occurs based on notable deviations in the monitored data
- Alert: Notifies caregivers in real-time when a seizure occurs and where the person is located
- Record: Automatically logs seizure data in the Cloud for an accurate record that is accessible on-demand

What does BioLert specifically monitor?

BioLert uses sensors in the watch to monitor:

- Physical vibrations, such as muscle spasms
- Body motions, such as rapid jerking motions
- Body stability, such as balance and whether a person remains upright
- Heart rate (pulse)

What does BioLert detect?

BioLert detects seizure-like events based on deviations in the above-listed monitored data.

Does BioLert detect all types of seizures?

Though capable of detecting other types of seizures, BioLert is currently more effective for people who experience generalized tonic-clonic (or grand mal) seizures.

Does BioLert predict seizures?

No. Not at this time.

Can children under 8 years old use BioLert?

BioLert is not recommended for children under 8 years old. This is due to a child’s biophysiology—the stage of growth they physically reach year by year. BioLert is designed to work with commonly available Android watches. These watches typically use sensor technology that is not compatible with a young child's biophysiology. Even during highly intense seizures, their muscle spasms may be too slight for the sensors to detect. On average, a child 8 years or older should be at a proper stage of growth to match the sensors' abilities.

How does BioLert determine a seizure is happening?

BioLert relies on a patented, intelligent algorithm to detect an event. That algorithm tracks and analyzes the monitored data. When one or more of those data points (vital signs, physical stability, etc.) deviate dramatically from a baseline norm, the system determines whether it is a seizure-like event. If so, notifications will be sent to caregivers. If the event is not a seizure, simply log the event as a false positive with one touch on the phone or watch.

What information does BioLert record after a seizure?

Along with automatically notifying caregivers, BioLert automatically generates a log of seizure activity. As of today, the data saved includes TIME and DATE of the event. This information is stored in the Cloud and can be accessed at any time by you or your caregivers to provide an accurate overview of your seizure history.

Can I download my personal records (seizure log)?

Yes. You can download your seizure history in a .CSV file format.

How do I access my personal records (seizure log)?

Your history is accessible to you and your caregivers thorugh the BioLert portal. Along with personally keeping track of your seizure history, it may be helpful to share the log with medical professionals who are working with you to determine a care regimen.

Does BioLert notify caregivers of my physical location during a seizure?

Yes. BioLert's location feature relies on GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity as requried by Android Location Services for indoors and outdoors. Your phone must be Internet-enabled for location notifications to work accurately.

Does BioLert's location services indicate where I am in a buildling?

No. BioLert does not currently use indoor positioning technology. For example: BioLert will tell a caregiver what address you are at, but not what room you are in.

What devices do I need to run BioLert?

BioLert is currently an Android-based application. The individual who experiences seizures will need an Android smartphone and smartwatch. As of today, BioLert is compatible with:

- Phone: must operate Android OS v4.4.2 or later
- Watch: Moto 360 2nd Generation (available in men's and women's styles)
- Watch: Moto 360 Sport (available in multiple colors)

We are in the process of adapting BioLert to other Android smartwatches. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of new compatible devices. Or, check back here.

Do my caregivers need an Android phone, too?

No. Caregivers can choose to be notified by SMS text message, phone call, email, or any combination of these three options. A phone alert can be made to a landline, a flip phone, an iPhone, an Android phone, etc. Any phone will work. However, keep in mind that if a mobile number is not provided, caregivers will not be able to receive SMS notifications.

Do my caregivers need to register a mobile phone number to receive phone notifications?

No. Please see the above question.

Can I pair my Android smartwatch with an iPhone or Windows phone instead of an Android phone?

No. Due to potential integration challenges between dissimilar devices, we currently pair the Android smartwatch with Android smartphones only.

When will BioLert be available for Apple iPhones and Apple Watches?

Apple has certain limitations for third party developers that can impact the performance quality of software apps like BioLert. These limitations can affect BioLert's ability to continuously monitor necessary data (body motions, vital signs, etc.) as well as control battery usage to prolong watch life before needing to recharge. We continue to track changes in Apple's third party developer support and will release an Apple version as soon as possible.

How does BioLert affect my watch's battery life?

Extending battery life is an issue successfully targeted by our mobile technology experts. Today, BioLert can deliver 12-15 hours of service before needing to recharge the watch. Of course, this varies depending on whether other apps on the watch are frequently used. Additionally, BioLert notifies you when the battery is running low as a reminder to recharge soon.

How much does BioLert cost?

BioLert is avialable for $19.99 per month per patient. Each patient subscription can list multiple caregivers.

Where do I download the BioLert app?

BioLert is available via the Google Play Store.

What regions are supported by BioLert?

BioLert is available worldwide. If you experience trouble with accessing BioLert from a specific country, please contact