Medical Community


Medical Community

We want to help advance the care, treatment and research efforts for seizure disorders.

We are a team of technologists and neurologically-focused medical professionals. We understand the importance of collecting and analyzing accurate data to achieve those goals. Without it, we cannot learn. Which means we cannot innovate.

The advancement of big data, wearables and mobile technology gives us a unique opportunity to capture invaluable information. That information can help neurological experts:

•Identify more effective personalized treatments

•Identify new patterns and indicators

•Develop new medical devices

We do this by maintaining a smart technology that offers:

Continuous Monitoring

BioLert is highly power-efficient mobile app. It smartly navigates smartwatch platforms to provide continuous vital sign monitoring.

Accurate Capture

Vital signs as well as time and duration of seizures is digitally captured, ensuring greater accuracy than manual diaries.

Cloud Access

All information tracked is automatically stored in the cloud, accessible via the BIoLert Portal on any Wi-Fi-enabled device.