BioLert is for those with seizure disorders & caregivers, building confidence through improved monitoring & alerts. Contact us to see if you're eligible.

Seizure disorders, whether severe or moderate, can often lead to a lower quality of life. The anxiety of not knowing when the next attack will occur all too often influences people to limit themselves to “safe” lifestyles. For some, that may mean having a caregiver at their side at all times. For others, it may be as extreme as not leaving their home.

We aim to change that.

We want to help people with seizure disorders as well as their caregivers regain a sense of independence. Achieve some peace of mind.

We want to help people live their lives to the fullest.

People with epilepsy or seizure disorders


BioLert is deliberately designed to deliver a specific set of advantages. Our belief, though, is that they are meaningful and impactful, helping you live the life you want while aiding your treatment regimen.



“Caregivers” can mean parents, siblings, nurses, social workers, doctors. Anyone who is concerned about or responsible for the well-being of a person living with a seizure disorder. For you, we intend to provide some assistance with managing your responsibilities every day.

The Medical Community


We want to help advance the care, treatment and research efforts for seizure disorders.

We are a team of technologists and neurologically-focused medical professionals. We understand the importance of collecting and analyzing accurate data to achieve those goals. Without it, we cannot learn. Which means we cannot innovate.